Worlds Highest Caves List


The Worlds Highest Surveyed Caves (as at November 2012)

Note: Mountains are often filled with cracks/holes that may be interpreted as “caves.” The highest known cave in the world is thought to be on the Rahkiot Ridge of Nanga Parbat in Pakistan at 6645m but this has never been explored and surveyed by cavers.

The 2012 Peru expedition explored over 40 caves above 4500m in the Puyo limestone massive,  and the blocks visited to the North and West. Some were as high as 4862m, but given their length and depth only a few were selected for this list. A detailed log of what was found is available on the Peru 2012 website.

  1. unnamed (Pakistan) 6645m above sea level
  2. Qaqa Mach’ay (Peru -125m) 4930m above sea level
  3. Puna Mach’ay (Peru 70m) 4862m above sea level
  4. Saturna 4 (Peru -50m) 4850m above sea level 
  5. Breathlessness (Peru -44m) 4797m above sea level
  6. Popcorn Cave (Peru -45m) 4775m above sea level
  7. Cueva Col (Peru -43m) 4757m above sea level
  8. Popcorn Rift (Peru -45m deep) 4718m above sea level
  9. Cueva Puyo (Peru -170m) 4696m above sea level. 
  10. Tragedero Puyo (Peru -122m) 4681 above sea level 
  11. El Exitador (Peru -71m) 4669m above sealevel
  12. El Chupadero (Peru 770m) 4623m above sea level
  13. Dead Lama Pot (Peru -74m) 4604m above sea level

1 Cueva Puyo was previously said to be 4585m above sea level, however, 3 new GPS and 2 Suunto altimeters showed it to be higher.

2 Tragedero Puyo was previously thought to be at 4570m but our latest technology showed it to be 4681 above sea level.