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Cuevas del Norte


I think everyone on this expedition would say the very same thing if you asked them about the first half of the expedition. We had our difficulties from crazy mountain roads, difficult terrain, Swimming passages (at well over 3000m), a bat cave, getting kicked out of areas due to the political tensions, so on and so forth. We chased up leads by vehicles, on foot, and even a crazy horse back recci trip that involved returning in the dark and hail 10km on steep steep terrain.


We are now about to leave and prepare for the next (and highly anticipated) part of the expedition, a return to the Puyo valley and area.


I have up loaded some photos from the recci, caving etc in the Gallery called “Cuevas del Norte”.

You will only see a small part of things, and unfortunately can not hear the giggling that came with swimming, or Adam’s remarks as he pushes into new territory with bats wizzing by his head. Hopefully they will entice you to brave your own 6+hr marathon horse trip in the steep mountains of Peru to find that cave that will leave you as breathless as the altitude.

Stay tuned for more, I hope I will get a chance to share some of the stories soon.

Bats Regards,