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Have never felt so out of my legue… The energetic wisdom and knowledge this crew is amazing… Copios amounts of enthusiasm will only get me so when it comes to caving with these guys who live and breathe it. If there was ever a time to embrace the way of the sponge and soak up as much of what these guys have to offer in the shortest time possible… It’s now! Very honored to be a part of such a humble caving team on this epic Peru 2012 Expidition! 

Token kiwi,

Sleeping in Hilux’s

So for the last two nights in a bid to keep an eye out for our gear (in the back of the trucks), I have been sleeping in one of the Hilux’s (Andy also did the same for the first night).

Last night I was woken to a crowd moving through the streets yelling and shouting slogans. Considering the state of emergency has been lifted last week, and all of the “Conga no va” graffiti everywhere, this is adding a new element of cave recci for me. The funny thing is the vehicles we are using are the types used by mining companies.

Conga no va

Conga no va


On a separate funny note Guillaume and I had some funny looks when we were trying to buy a pressure cooker, white gas, and a machete. Apparently we looked the part?

This morning while shopping we witnessed two peaceful demonstrations, a sign of things to expect we plan on being careful.

University students protesting

University students protesting



On our way North – At Cajamarca

Hi Guys,

Had to stop over in a hotel when we had a longer day than expected, figured a quick post was in order.
We’re had a great couple of days and so far have managed to get to Cajamarca.

The changes in the environment around us has been amazing and not what most of us were expecting. We’ve also found the roads here really exciting, or freakishly scary! Its a toss up.
Its not uncommon to have to hit the shoulder of the road to allow a bus to over take a trunk on the wrong side of the road.

We’ve uploaded some new photos to the gallery! Checkout the Travelling North Gallery

Till next time!

David T

Last Day in Lima

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. The day we leave Lima and head off North into the country areas.

The last few days has been a hive of activity. From visiting supermarkets for food supplies, visiting local markets for cheap pots, pans, died fruit and nuts to testing of the stove fuel found at a local hardware store.
But at last we are ready.

Our expedition trucks have arrived this morning, nice almost new, Toyota Hilux’s! Much better than I think most of us were expecting.

This maybe our last post for a while, possibly as long as three weeks until we return for the second half of the trip.


Until then…

The Team – Lima Peru 24/9/2012

Lima, midnight 20/09/12

Once again amerced in a foreign country learning a new language and an amazing culture. Andy and I landed here in Lima yesterday at 12am, dropped our bags off and went to see what our local hood of Mira Flores had to offer… wasn’t much but we managed to drag out the excitement and smiles till about 8am, finishing up at one of the most amazing food markets I’ve ever been to! The colours, tastes and smells were outstanding! Finding this goldmine at the end of a long night out wandering the streets with a well seasoned english drinking chef has surely assured us some amazing kai for our journey.


Today has been mostly recovery with a couple of delicious feeds from our new local favourite…. La Lucha… burgers and an energy about the place to die for.It’s nice to be travelling with someone after a few solo trips and from here on out our numbers only grow… So happy to be here and love what Peru has to offer so far! Let the good times roll…

Adam (Token Kiwi)


Adam – The Caving Ninja?

First group touch down in Lima Peru

Andy and Adam from Sydney have recently touched down in Lima Peru. They report annoying jet-lag but they are otherwise fine and are making the final in country preparations for the trip

The remaining Sydney members Al and myself will be leaving in just two days (Saturday morning) Sydney time.

David Taberner – Sydney Australia